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Necessity is the mother of invention but achieving the development of a new solution may often require decades of expensive, tireless, perhaps frustrating and unrewarded efforts. Realizing the ever-growing global crisis over the declining quality of drinking water and ever-increasing environmental pollution attributed to, among other causes, disposal methods for a variety of organic waste sludges such as:
  • Municipalities in the U.S. produce in excess of two billion tons of bio-solids annually
  • Papermill, fish and feed processing waste face large annual production rates of 150 million tons.
  • Animal and poultry wastes exceed 100 million tons per year.
Entrepreneurial founders of Int’l Turnkey Services, Inc. (“ITS”) embarked on a research and development journey and in just a little over six years, a process addressing the need for the two solutions was achieved. Known as the “ITS Process”, the Nevada-based firm’s patent approved method utilizes super-heated cyclonic air introduced into a rotary vessel containing waste sludge. The Process disinfects municipal sewer sludge of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, abates obnoxious  odors and results in as much as a 5-to-1 mass reduction ratio. The process is equally effective on other organic wastes generated by the animal, poultry and industrial industries. Performance on all aforementioned wastes results in EPA approved Class A or Exceptional Quality soil nutrients to be recycled as organic fertilizer, animal or fish feed, or alternative fuel stock for industrial boilers or energy production. Much R&D emphasis was also placed on beneficial recycling of the converted bio-mass mineral soil nutrients. Eight EPA qualified laboratories, four universities and one state waste management authority were involved in testing procedures.        

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